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Press Release - 5th June, 2016


The Indian LGBT Youth Leadership Summit is a pioneering initiative primarily aimed at identifying and grooming high potential individuals within the LGBT youth of India, and preparing them for future leadership roles. Now into its third year, the summit is an opportunity for bright young LGBT-identified Indians to come together on a single national-level platform, interact among one another, as well as with successful role models from the Indian LGBT community from diverse fields.

The Summit will train the participants to

  • Develop their ability to build, effectively lead, and successfully sustain high-performance teams. This program explores team dynamics in both the classroom, using the latest research and case work, and in highly experiential exercises.
  • Strengthen their foundation as a leader to achieve and deliver the best results. In two invigorating days, they will solidify their vision, improve inter-personal skills and create a plan of action that embodies their insights.
  • How do you get people to follow their lead? This two-day program utilizes an active-learning approach to help them reinvent themselves as a leader and build working relationships while effectively achieving goals.

Event Details

The event will be held in Mumbai, over a period of 2 days from 4-5 June, 2016. 35 young LGBT people from across India will be selected among the applicants to participate. Their travel and food expenses during the period of the summit will be provided for.

The two days will be packed with a host of activities, workshops and seminars that will hone their leadership skills and prepare them for challenging tasks ahead as pro-active members of the Indian LGBT community.

Further details of the activities will be provided once the candidates are shortlisted for the summit.


Participants will be selected on the basis of their application forms– which will judge their leadership potential, creative skills and willingness to work for other LGBT Indians. The screening process will be collectively done by Project co-ordinators at MINGLE in consultation with prominent LGBT community leaders in India who are part of the organization’s Advisory Council.

All LGBT-identified Indian citizens between age 18-28 (as on 5 June, 2016) are eligible to apply.


If you are an eligible candidate for the Youth Leadership summit, you can register your application using this Registration Form before 25th April, 2016.

Some keynote speakers at the 2014 and 2015 summits

Speakers and panellists from previous years’ summits include

  • Meera Sanyal
    (Ex-CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland and leader of AAP)

  • Nisaba Godrej
    (Executive Director, Godrej Industries Limited)

  • Ashok Row Kavi
    (Founder, Humsafar Trust and Bombay Dost)

  • Parmesh Shahani
    (Head, Godrej India Culture Lab)

  • Sarmistha Ray
    (Artist and TED fellow)

  • Vivek Anand
    (CEO, Humsafar Trust)

  • Kiran Gulrajani
    (Leadership Coach and founder of Co-Evolve)

  • Harish Iyer
    (Blogger and activist)

  • Vijay Hiremath
    (Independent Human Rights lawyer)

  • Sonal Giani
    (Advocacy Officer, Humsafar Trust)

  • Sridhar Rangayan
    (Filmmaker, and Director of Kashish- MIQFF)

  • Harshita Gandhi
    (Founder, Queer Ink)


I was very impressed and inspired by this Summit, and by the dedication and energy of the young LGBT Leaders. I’m hopeful they’ll propel India into a brighter and more inclusive future.Parmesh Shahani (2014 & 2015 Speaker— Godrej India Culture Lab, Mumbai)
This Summit was thought provoking, introspective and has provided me with an opportunity to meet other bright young leaders of the Indian LGBT community.Nikita Nair (2015 Youth Leader—Goldman Sachs, Bangalore)
The event has helped us in getting a sense of cohesiveness and team work. I’m glad it brought so many people from different walks of life together.Pompi Bannerjee (2014 Youth leader– Clinical psychiatrist, Kolkata)
MINGLE’s LGBT Youth Leadership Summit fills a dire gap in India's social fabric that nurtures and stimulates networks between the progressive queer youth that will help define this nation's future.Sharmistha Ray (2014 Speaker— TED fellow and artist, Mumbai)


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Press Release

Third Edition of Indian LGBT Youth Leadership Summit concludes in Mumbai - 5th June, 2016