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Mingle’s LGBT Workplace Survey Report 2012

The First Annual LGBT Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Survey -the first of its kind in India- was conducted over a period of 45 days with the aim of gauging the workplace environment vis-a -vis gay and lesbian employees in the Indian corporate workplace.

This survey focused on 3 sectors of the economy- Finance, Software   IT Services, and Engineering. 455 respondents from various Indian and foreign multinational companies participated in the survey that showed interesting results. When it comes to the issue of workplace environment, the response is a mixed bag- On the negative side, while a third of LGBT respondents reported facing harassment at the workplace, nearly 80% reported hearing homophobic comments in their offices. On the brighter side, among out LGBT employees most did not face discrimination from their managers. Also, half the respondents believe that their being closeted or facing harassment has an impact on workplace productivity.

The survey also busts the general perception that openly gay employees have a hard time and it’s safer being closeted. The survey shows that openly gay employees- as compared to their closeted counterparts- have greater trust in their employers, are more likely to have entrepreneurial aims in the future, have greater satisfaction with their rate of promotion, feel more loyal to their organization and are more likely to continue with the same company for a greater period of time. Also, 90% of respondents say that an organization’s LGBT related policies are a factor they have in mind before joining the company. Additionally, the fact that we could not find a single transgender employee in any of the organizations we surveyed speaks for itself.

Mingle believes these survey results show our corporate bodies a glimpse of the workplace environment from the perspective of their LGBT employees. Undoubtedly as more LGBT employees come out of the closet, organizations will have to deal with the issue in a sensitive manner so as to make their workplaces more welcoming for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

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