MINGLE | Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment

LGBT Resource Guide for Corporate India

Hong Kong based consulting firm ‘Community Business’, in partnership with Mingle and other individual LGBT experts in India has launched a Resource Guide for Indian Employers on how to deal with LGBT issues in the workplace. Titled “Creating inclusive workplace for LGBT employees”, the guide chalks out the business case for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for Indian LGBT employees, and lists best practices and case studies to implement the same.

The Resource guide was launched at separate events in Mumbai (Oct 9, 2012) and Bangalore (Oct 12, 2012) that included a panel discussion with speakers from best practice companies and experts from leading Indian Non Profits like Mingle and an ‘Interactive Theatre’ training conducted by world renowned diversity trainer, Connie Wong.

The Resource guide, that was prepared in consultation with Mingle, includes the business case for addressing the needs of LGBT employees in India, the cultural and legal context for LGBT issues in India, the key workplace challenges faced by LGBT employees in India, realistic and practical steps companies in India can take to create inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees and examples of best practice by companies in India.

Download LGBT Resource Guide for Corporate India