MINGLE | Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment



At Mingle, the work we do, and have in store for us in the months and years ahead is huge. The cause for LGBT equality has only made baby steps in the country so far and the battle lies ahead in court rooms, school and college campuses, corporate offices, in our living rooms and the hearts and minds of a billion Indians– both gay and straight.

We understand that the Himalayan nature of the challenge makes it impossible for any one indivual or group to take it up. Therefore we constantly look for partnership with other organizations in meeting the requirements.

As an organization, you can join our cause in several ways:

Become a sponsor: As a corporate sponsor, supporting our various projects and public activities will give your organization a general exposure as a supporter of LGBT equality. Your logo will appear in our publications, banners and website.

Help us in our Projects: You can do this by sending in your representatives at our events as speakers, arranging logistics and helping with general event management.

Let Us help you: Every single session that we take in an organization– whether it’s a general talk on LGBT issues, or specifically with reference to workplace inclusion, it gives us a greater exposure and understanding of the factors that make a difference in the lives of gay and lesbian Indians everyday. Therefore, just by the simple act of opening your doors to us, you’re doing us a favor too– and of course in due process to your organization and the gay and straight people in it.

If you’re an LGBT community organization: In every city we’re looking for partner LGBT groups that can help us in distribution of free materials, taking and conducting surveys and most importantly in helping us understand the issues that matter locally in your communities. By partnering with Mingle, you’ll join hands with India’s unique national-level initiative on LGBT rights and we’ll make sure we can help your initiatives in every way that we can—both financially and through our experience.

For any of the above actions, write today to [email protected] with “Partnerships” in the Subject Line.